LoTW, it is a very convenient system for us. No need to send SASE, no need to send your paper QSL card. But to register to use LoTW, we must go through some procedures.
It is troublesome, and there are a lot of people who do not register. Of course, to register or not, it depends on an idea of each person. It is not what is forced on another person.
Some people prefer to exchange paper QSL cards, some people use both ways, some people only LoTW.

This is his diary of articles of a certain day.

“A certain USA station who made contact with me in June on 6m band sent me a paper QSL card and 5 USD. He rushed me to send my QSL card to him like a QSL begger. But I coaxed him to register LoTW. I needed one month to persuade him. Then I got a confirmation of our QSO on 6m band. I also requested him to confirm our QSO on 160m band in JAN. It took a few weeks. After then, he told me again and again that “I followed your instructions. Next, you should send me your paper QSL card!” So I made prints unwillingly. I will send back 5 USD to him.”

How do you think of his behavior?
Do you still want to QSO with him?

…………………………… to be continued.

Please read the all past articles. Thank you.


8 thoughts on “LoTW”

  1. I think all the BULLSHIT you write is DISGUSTING, and I also think you are a COWARD….why don’t you write all this BULLSHIT using your REAL NAME and CALLSIGN? LOW LIFE SCUM….. It is a DISGRACE, and you should be ashamed of yourself you cowardly WANKER.
    John McRae, VK5PO, LEWISTON Australia

    1. Thank your for your comments. We don’t care whatever you think. You are in VK, far away from JA. So you can say anything you want. However, you believe or not, all stories are true.And we are DISGUSTING his daily behavior. He is a shame of JAPAN. Thank you.

  2. Yes John, this boy is a coward.
    We call this kind of boy as A-NE-HA, meaning a very BAD ARCHITECT
    who made up false anti-earthquaked designs on many expensive mantions in Japan.
    This guy is doing a same thing, only to be famous without any ability.

    Also, read and laugh with his poor English articles, too.

    1. Hello Akira-San. Thank you for your lovely comment. We know who you are, Mr. Butaman. Why did you write your name as Akira? We know the reason why. Because you are the coward and stupid old man. As you know, all stories are true because based on your diary. We simply translate your diary into English. Our translations are not good? Thank you for your wise advices. But we know it’s enough. People can see who and what you are! And we know your English ability. You can speak English like a native . We sometimes hear your nice English on 6m band. We were all so impressed. Thank you so much. By the way, do you have fixed some mistakes in your QRZ.com? We sometimes tell you about your English. We cannot understand why you did make such an easy mistake. You are English specialist, aren’t you? If you are not, it’s our mistake. We are so sorry. Gomen nasai!
      Again, thank you for your comment. We admire you for your courage.

    2. Hey Butaman, what is the meaning of “mantion”?
      You should go to junior high school again.
      Not “mantion” but “mansion”.

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