Amateur radio is a hobby, not a job. If it is a job, sometimes confidentiality may occur.

If you’re an amateur radio operator, you usually exchange information. It is technical information, propagation information, and sends useful information to each other. Recently in digital communication, the software has a function to transmit the information of the station it received to the host.

However, he does not disclose any information from himself. While information from others is obtained through PSKR and HamSpots, he does not show his information to anyone.

You can find the facts quickly if you search for it by typing his callsign on PSKR or HamSpots.

Why does he not disclose any of his information?

Not only that. He always adds a footer to his email. There is proudly written his grid square. QM05BR.

But surprisingly, his grid square is not a QM05BR. He has not registered his grid square with software for use in digital QSO as QM05BR.

He has registered his grid square as QM05dk51.

Why does he register such false information and conceal the real information?

By the way his real grid square is QM05BQ79.

He sometimes acts incomprehensible. He did bellow at the 50.313 MHz frequency used in the FT8. He did like this: Hey (a certain station’s callsign), you are bothering me. You are doing it on purpose. Stop TXing!

He not only conceals his information, but also sends false information.

Do you want to make a QSO with such a strange person?


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